Open House- What Is It and Why Is it Important?

Open House SignThe world around us is constantly in motion – to keep pace, we need to acclimate to the changes. Modern methods, new technologies, advanced education, and computerization merge and converge with established practices to produce vibrant new links in the chain of progress. Several techniques that have proven effective in recent years are found to excel when given a new twist.

One promotion technique that developed in the field of Real Estate that has not only stood the test of time but is gaining more popularity is the ‘Open House.’ Recent analysis shows that more and more interested buyers are taking advantage of the special invitation by agents and/or homeowners to view current market properties. When combined with the innovative idea of ‘Staging’ the property is presented with the desired quality of excellence it deserves, offers buyers the opportunity to analyze its characteristics from a personal perspective, visualizing themselves and their belongings within the various areas, before making a purchase. If a buyer is interested in more than one property, an ‘Open House’ presents a perfect opportunity to collect data for comparison between the properties of interest and reach an informed and well-calculated decision.

You can expect the hostess to greet you upon arrival, ask you to register in the ‘Guest Book’ with your full name and contact information, direct you to printed information about the property and buyer’s lists that you can use to note aspects of the property as you pass through it. Then, in small groups of two or four, the Hostess will give you a tour from room to room, commenting on various amenities and answering any questions you may have. If you arrive while the Hostess is attending to others, you are welcome to register, help yourself to the printed information and the refreshments provided to make your wait in the reception area for the Hostess’ return more comfortable. Refreshments can also be enjoyed after your tour; however, no food or beverages are permitted within the featured home.

The ‘Open House” has been shown to be an effective promotion technique in various parts of the world, a technique that acclimatizes and motivates, that can be easily adapted to function virtually everywhere houses are being sold and one that yields beneficial results.

For Buyers, it’s the greatest opportunity to become familiar with the property and make an informed decision. For Sellers, it is a wonderful opportunity to show their homes to potential Buyers with sincere interest. For Agents, it’s an excellent promotion technique awakening the senses, stimulating interest, building confidence in the property, the presentation, and the Agent. To experience the reality – Buyer, Seller or Agent – why not sample one in Kino Bay?

To become familiar with this innovative tool, Buyer, Seller or Agent – when you see the ‘Open House’ sign displayed somewhere in town, please come in!




Dorreen Smith has been living in Kino Bay since 1996. With over fifteen years experience in real estate in Mexico, Dorreen has learned to evolve with the ever changing Real Estate requirements of buyers and sellers in Mexico. She endeavors to stay up to date with new ideas and technologies, while preserving the classic and traditional tactics that have withstood the test of time.